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Whoever said the countryside is quiet?!?

Not around here it's not - from the frog chorus, buzzards meewing overhead, the golden oriole's exotic call, the incessant cuckooing to the cicadas chirruping into the night competing with the calls of the owls - and it is absolutely heaven!!!
As you can guess, we are fans of the wildlife and there is lots to see even around Le Bouchet - the wonderful birdlife, swallowtail butterflies and hummingbird moths, praying mantis, lizards and even the occasional red deer - and the list goes on.

The Brenne National Park is close by and is a haven for birdlife (and terrapins!) with a series of walks across a landscape of more than a thousand lakes.

If you like your wildlife a little larger, then Haute Touche is only half an hour away and makes for a fantastic day out. Twice as large as Whipsnade Park in the UK, at over 500 hectares it is France's largest zoo park and one of the largest in Europe. Beauval zoo is highly recommended as well.
La Vallée des Singes (monkey valley) is another place we absolutely recommend and although a little further away than an hour, we can assure you that it's a trip well worth taking.

Also under the heading of Wildlife and Zoos should be Geants du Ciel, the fantastic display of free flying birds at Chauvigny - it is spectacular and the sight of all sorts of birds including storks, vultures and owls flying free over the skyline of Chauvigny is simply amazing!

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