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Food and wine - where to start?
The French really do like their food and wine and the Touraine region is home to some of the top gastronomic delights of the Loire Valley and Vienne regions, including the speciality Rillettes de Tours which I can assure you is tastier than it might look. Everywhere you turn there are restaurants, cafes and bistros serving locally produced delicious food and there are menus to suit all tastes and pockets.
Wine of course features highly in the Touraine, with soft reds and crisp white wines and some rather delicious sparkling Vouvray wines! With the Tufa caves along the Loire ideal for storing wine there are many different wine tours (many in English) that are arranged providing the opportunity to sample a glass or two. I was particularly impressed on our tour of the Vouvray cellars when my picture seemed to show our guide managing to support two huge rotating wine carriers by hand!
For the evening there are many, many restaurants ranging in style and price to choose from, from the Michelin starred "La Promenade" restaurant at Petit Pressigny right to the small but very pleasant pizza restaurant in Descartes and every other type in between - around Le Bouchet you will find something for everyone.
It's impossible to provide recommendations on this site but our gites do have a list of local restaurants with indications of pricing and some of our recommendations.
Of course, if you prefer a little more excitement with your food you could always try the casino and cabaret nightlife at La Roche Posay.
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